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Our Pharmaceutical Sciences program is offered at NTA level 4 – 6. The current global health and pharmaceutical changes influence changes in the pharmacy practice in order to meet the needs of the society. This results into changes in the pharmacy technician’s role. The industry relies on pharmacy technicians to perform day to day functions in hospitals, dispensaries, health centers and even in private pharmacy shops. Above all, pharmacy technicians are the key component to the pharmaceutical researches. Therefore, well trained and highly skilled pharmacy technicians are vital to the well and fully functioning pharmacy industry.

Pharmaceutical Sciences program is designed to prepare and equip you with knowledge and practical skills for a career as a pharmacy technician in pharmacy and related industries. While studying at Jelly's Institute of Health and Allied Sciences, you will receive classroom, laboratory and practical experience covering all aspects of the pharmacy profession. Once you have graduated with our ordinary diploma, you will be able to fully execute the pharmacy technician role and qualify for joining universities for a bachelor degree in Pharmacy or Pharmacology.